Monday, April 13, 2009

I have not posted since September and my sister has been bugging me about keeping a blog. I am posting my wedding pictures from almost a year ago! I cannot believe I have been married for almost a year! I have a total of four weeks left until I graduate from nursing school....I am actually in class now trying to keep from falling asleep. I am so ready to start working. I recently got a job in the Cardiovascular intensive care unit! This is really where I wanted to be, at least until I get bored.

Monday, September 29, 2008

The First Blog!

Today I received a blog from my sister while sitting in this time-consuming research class. I realized I need to blog so that I can communicate my thoughts, my life, my frustrations, and write while I am in class.
I am new at this so....what can I say?

July 26th my life took a right turn into a marriage with my best friend Adam. It has been two months now and it has been an adventure. My life is consumed with my precious baby dog, CUBBY. He is perfect! We have a new addition to the family, Scooter. He is silly and was supposed to be Adam's dog, however, he is ALL mine!
Nursing school is the other consuming part of my life. My senior year! I am so ready to finish this program. Nursing is my passion. But it does not stop there.
Okay, sister, tell me if you are proud of this blog!! I will do my best to keep this up!